UX Test Kitchen, About Us


What Is the UX Test Kitchen?

The UX Test Kitchen is a nonprofit interactive agency providing free website and media development to other nonprofits. Our staff comes from various companies – such as Sapient, Razorfish, Time Inc., Barnes & Noble.com, Kern+Lead, and Harvard – in a collaborative effort to bring an agency-level presence to nonprofits.

What Is UX?

UX is short for User Experience. UX design focuses on the needs of the user – on every way the user interacts with a site. It means we think carefully about both design and functionality.

Why a Test Kitchen?

We want to be innovative in user experience, interactive design, and the entire digital landscape.

Why We’re Free

Our new model of social entrepreneurship allows our clients to address all of their needs without budgetary constraints. It also gives our agency the creative freedom to push the limits of user experience.